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Business Consulting: Local & International


"Its not always Important to know something, but to have the Number from someone who does" 

A funny but highly accurate view of how the globalized world functions. Local Paraguayan Companies & International Corporations and Organizations, always are seeking for a mutual ground. Something that combines their aspirations with their opportunities.

Having a solid Business Consultant with a first hand knowledge for trading and bringing even the most varied companies and producers together, Bastet Trade is the perfect meeting point.

We provide both parties follow up, we keep the circle tight and therefor avoid any unnecessary misinterpretations.

We help in the Problem solving of all sorts, by again trying to keep both sides as close as possible.

After all, their success is ours as well.

Brand Representation:

"Nobody knows your business better as yourself"

A golden rule, that in practice however gets less golden.

Just like Local Companies need to go out there and sale their products, International Investors want to come to the Local Market and participate in it.

But in both cases, the owners and top directors can't be everywhere, so you must delegate your Brand to someone who can represent yourself as good as you do.

We are that someone. Our goal is of helping Passionate Business Leaders in the Agricultural & Industrial fields from Paraguay, that have a heart for Social & Environmental Responsibility, to bring them closer to not only potential customers, but also to help them grow and expand.

At the same time, we want the international players, to enter safely into a country of Business opportunities.